Global HFE Education Map

It is sometimes a challenge for the public and influential stakeholders to know where to find suitable resources for HFE education or training. To promote the advancement of the science and practice of human factors and ergonomics (HFE) education, as well as to enhance the knowledge exchanges among experts in this field from all over the world, the IEA Professional Standards and Education (PS&E) Standing Committee conducted a project to develop an on-line visualized map program that provides interactive links related to global HFE educational information. The names of institutes, departments, and faculties around the world that offer HFE courses, engage in HFE research, or both were collected. The educational program levels (Ph.D., Master, and Bachelor) and other related information were also gathered. The data collection was performed with help from several IEA committees and members. A total of about 408 departments and 1005 faculty members from Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe that offer HFE education programs have been included so far. The data are not complete, and more data collection activities are still on going.  The database is and will be continuously updated with new data.

We hope the development of this global HFE educational map can provide an easy access for users who need information on HFE education institutes, programs, and academics in various regions.  However, because data on educational programs is continuously changing, please note that we may not be able to guarantee the accuracy of the data. We suggest you directly consult the programs you are interested in for current information.

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Undergraduate programs (Google earth view)

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PhD programs (Google earth view)